Option one : Sightseeing with Tour company

The Tour company bus, one of the best is The Original Tour, the tour cost £25, if you think you wanted to visit some of the places like Madame Tussauds, London Eye, Tower Hill etc, these places have hours of Queue. Just to go around and taking pictures will be okay to go with the tour company. They will take to all the best tourist attaractions inlondon, you can get down take some pictures and take next bus, this will cover the london in one day  Cheesy


Option two: Visiting the best places only including visiting inside

This is cheapest way and have full explore
Take a day travel card £8.50 or take a national rail ticket including underground if you coming from out side london

Places to visit I prefer:

  1. London Eye & Houses of Parliment price around £30 – Station: Westminister, Train Line: Jubilee, Circle & District lines
  2. Madame tussauds Price around £30 – Station: Baker Street, Train Line: Jubilee, Bakerloo, Metropolitan & Circle lines
  3. Buckingham Palace Price-Free – Station: Green Park Train Line: Piccadilly, Jubilee you can walk to Piccadilly Circus, Trafalger Square (10 mins walk)
  4. London Bridge & Tower Hill (Kohinoor Daimond) – Station: London Bridge, Train Line: Jubilee (Tower hill will have some fee)
  5. Greenwich – Greenwich Mean time (GMT)

All the above are main attactions & having common underground line which is Jubilee line, on the day you travel if there is no distruption to Jubilee line you can finish them all in one day. Check the travel info at www.tfl.gov.uk

Hope this information helps. If you coming by car, Parking in central london may cost £30 per day, if it is in weekday Congession charge £15 extra

Enjoy the tour of London

Babji S Vundavilli

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