Birds at Vundavilli Poultry Farms
Birds at Vundavilli Poultry Farms

Eggs are at the core of what we do everyday, and our operation at our main production facility in J Thimmapuram, Near Peddapuram, Andhra Pradesh.

We  ensure to deliver better bird health and performance. A vastly experienced team of stock people strive to produce healthy birds that produce first class eggs.

Modern day food production relies upon a combination of good husbandry and new technology. We continue to invest in new innovative machinery

Bird Welfare

We  understand that animal welfare is the most fundamental requirement of a livestock system and the basis for their successful food business.
Our people are vital… they work closely on the ground with the hens each day and come to know the unique behavior of each flock.
Without healthy hens, we cannot provide quality eggs, so it is important that comprehensive daily checks are taken at farm level and monitored at every stage of production. All units are regualry checked for air temperature, ventilation, air flow, lighting, water and feed usage.

Vaccination Programme

We do not believe in the excessive use of medicines and actively avoid antibiotics where possible. However, to ensure food safety all birds follow a strict vaccination programme which is carefully implemented